In recent decades, there has been a rise in multigenerational living. When it comes to housing choices, this population is under-served. To address this undeniable trend, developers have introduced ‘In-Law Suites’ to traditional single family homes and townhomes. While these solutions have certainly been successful in many markets and meet the needs for part of this demographic, those looking for other options do not have many choices.

For the first time in 130 years, living with parents has surpassed other living arrangements for young adults aged 18-34.

Some reasons given for this shift in lifestyle are 1] The Great Recession and slow recovery 2] Employment status and stagnant wages 3] Affordability. The traditional makeup of the multigenerational home is changing; adult children are moving back in with their parents or may have never left.

With shifting demographics and an aging population, how can we address multigenerational living in a new way?

Fitting Together Across Generations

Healthy communities and neighborhoods are diverse in population. By providing a variety of floor plan designs, sizes, and price points, the goal is to reach a broad range of demographic and socioeconomic backgrounds to encourage diversity. This composition of community aims to create connections with neighbors across generations.

Creating a Multigenerational Community Through Design

By 2040, almost half of the U.S. population will be over 65 and under 18. Research by the AARP found a certain segment of the 55+ population would enjoy living among young people. Older and younger generations share common needs and interests and can benefit from one another by living together in a multigenerational neighborhood.

Shared Entertaining Spaces
The outdoor patio is ideal for entertaining and sharing between the attached units. The garage doors open to connect indoor and outdoor spaces. The garage flex space serves as either workout room, man cave or workshop.

Kid-Friendly Courtyard
Shared courtyards provide a safe space for kids to run and play. Extending the courtyard to the street captures additional play space. The built-in play structure allows kids to climb to the second story outdoor deck.

Outdoor Theater
A stepped deck and sunken yard provide stadium-like seating and ideal viewing for a projected movie: entertainment for all generations.

Flexible + Private
Varying deck heights and vegetation provide separate outdoor spaces for each unit. Spaces are easily shared and also provide a variety of smaller seating areas. The roll-up garage door allows the space to open up if needed.

Street View
The larger units face the 46’ wide street, which provides traffic-slowing on-street parking. Each unit has a private enclosed front patio in addition to the shared courtyard.

Woonerf View
Based on the Dutch concept of a living street, the Woonerf gives equal priority to all modes of transportation, allowing kids to play and ride their bikes in their neighborhood.