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Pacific Northwest Mixed-Use Prototype


Retail Footprint

Retail Extrusion

Office Plan

Office Space

Hotel Plate

Hotel Block

Architectural Expression

Pacific Northwest Mixed-Use Prototype

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Mixed-Use | Retail | Office | Hotel


  • Hotel Room Sizes: 312-416 sq. ft.
  • Number of Keys: 100
  • Retail: 35,000 sq. ft.
  • Office: 46,000 sq. ft.
  • Number of Stories: 6
  • Construction Type: I


Typical mixed-use projects have two functions, most often retail at the pedestrian level and office or residential above. This new concept combines three unique and individual functions at their most efficient program and footprints. The design begins with retail at the lowest level, a complete 70’ depth is wrapped around a service corridor, maximizing tenant exposure while allowing equal access to loading, trash, and other back of house services.


The next layer is the office component. A conventional office floor plate ranges from around 20,000 – 25,000 square feet with depths of around 40’, allowing the maximum amount of light to reach the spaces nearest the core. A continuous outdoor patio space is created in the void between the retail depth and the new office perimeter. Two levels of office space are stacked above each other with 14’ floor to floor heights allowing for creative open space, dropped ceilings and soffits, and room for mechanical and plumbing, from the uses above, to be housed. Three levels of hotel are placed above the office, centered over the original core. Centering the hotel levels above the other functions would have created a wedding cake design that doesn’t allow for usable open space. Instead, KTGY designers shifted the hotel levels and added a dynamic angle to keep the vertical circulation aligned. This creates a more pleasing aesthetic visually and allows for a generous sized pool courtyard and another passive open space on the opposite side of the office roof deck.


At the retail base, poured-in-place concrete panels are used and left exposed in their natural state. This gives texture and strength to the base of the building. Storefront glass is inserted within the grid created by the concrete forms. The office is housed in curtain-wall glazing to maximize views to the surrounding mountainous areas, and bring light into the space. Lastly, the hotel is clad in a system of precast panels. These panels further emphasize the construction type while also giving way to the orderly function of the hotel program within. Locally crafted perforated metal panels are used as an accent to provide the final layer of detail and richness in design.