Universities are increasingly finding a strong correlation between students living on campus and increased academic success. While many factors contribute to these connections, the outcomes are significant enough to lead some universities to rethink their strategies for housing students. Many institutions are looking for opportunities to provide new and alternative living situations for their students. Others are implementing policies encouraging or requiring certain students to live on campus.

Lounge | Space under the terraced lecture hall becomes a place to relax.


How can student housing design promote the success of college students?

The Studio House concept utilizes a large unit plan; serving 8 students with 4 double bedrooms and 4 adjoining
bathrooms. The units also provide moderately sized living, kitchen, and dining areas. Units line the edges of the Studio
House building with a variety of classroom, study, activity, and lounge spaces between. The interstitial spaces can be
combined vertically to allow for double-height spaces. Larger spaces can be used as lecture halls, studio spaces, and
workshops, while smaller spaces are used for community kitchens, workout spaces, and study rooms.



Kitchen + Dining Area | The communication wall helps roommates stay in contact.


Living Room | A variety of seating options are provided to serve all eight roommates.


Double Bedroom | Each of the four bedrooms houses two roommates.


Bathroom | Two roommates share a connected bathroom.


Building Plan | Level 2

Building Plan | Level 4

Axonometric View



Live | Relax + Rejuvenate

Fitness Room | Traditional and unique fitness options are located on each floor.


Game Room | Pool tables, ping pong, and video games help students to unwind.


Community Laundry | Meeting and study tables activate laundry areas.


Community Kitchen | Shared cooking and dining areas create social connections.


Learn | Convenience + Access

Lecture Hall | Rows of built-in desks terrace between two floors to create an area for lecture learning.


Studio Classroom | Larger double-height spaces can be used for classroom and studio spaces.


Yoga Studio | Smaller spaces can be closed off for more specific uses.


Workshop | Centrally located spaces are enclosed for wood or metal working.