2016 PCBC: KTGY Speakers


June 22, 2016


Ken Ryan
Swimming with Sharks: Getting Entitlements without Becoming Chum

Wednesday, June 22nd
2:15 PM-3:15 PM

This session will teach planners how to swim through the entitlement ocean without getting eaten alive.

Navigating the entitlement process can be unpredictable and dangerous and no one wants to swim with sharks. However, for those who by virtue of their occupation find themselves in shark-infested waters, it’s important to be mindful of helpful instructions in order to survive. This panel will offer an entertaining and knowledgeable session on how to fend off sharks, gain consensus, and work successfully with stakeholders, city officials, and community members while achieving your planning entitlement goals.

An interactive topical discussion will be utilized, allowing for involved panel and audience participation throughout the session. Turning Point technology engaging the audience utilizing electronic handheld voting devices for collecting real-world opinions and data will be incorporated. Participants will be asked to respond to questions, and the results will be tabulated instantaneously and shown on the video screen. This is a fun and interesting way to get attendees involved in the discussion, including those who typically prefer to remain silent.

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Tricia Esser
Cage-Free Talent: How to make your Company a destination for Multiple Generations

Thursday, June 23rd
11:00 AM-12:00 PM

An active home building economy means an increased need for high-quality team members. As successful firms evolve, how can they staff for optimal results? How has a robust post-recession economy created challenges for employers looking to attract and retain top talent? How are businesses adapting to the needs of the creative workforce? What are the ways that the Millennial (and now the new Gen Z) workforce is influencing workplace culture?

In a lively session, with presenters not always advocating the same approach (!), industry leaders will share perspectives gained from this and previous business cycles. They’ll examine the current climate for finding, hiring and meshing the multiple generations in the workplace—from recent graduates to seasoned veterans. Looking at what motivates these groups to accept offers, and then to stay and thrive as productive contributors, the panel will share their professional experiences with illustrative examples of culture programs, office environments and employee retention programs.

Topics covered will include: career path, quality of work, the impact of company culture, work/life balance, successful on-boarding, staff training, professional development, creating a collaborative work environment, the state of the glass ceiling, the creative workforce, and the newest ideas in recruitment and retention.

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Manny Gonzalez, FAIA, LEED AP
Three on Three: Design Leaders Dissect Market Leaders

Thursday, June 23rd
11:00 AM-12:00 PM

In this deep dive into the architecture of market leading homes and communities, three of the industry’s most respected professionals will analyze the specifics of community and neighborhood planning, elevation design and floor plan innovation. Drawing on the Gold Nugget finalists, each panel member will lead the conversation on a specific design category to help attendees learn how to combine all the elements of design in a winning package. In not talking about their own work, these panelists will focus entirely on the elements of community planning and home design that attendees need to know to create their own winning communities.

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Nick Lehnert
New Destinations for the New Generations

Thursday, June 23rd
2:15 PM-3:00 PM

Residential development opportunities across the nation have evolved in interesting ways. Those who believe “one size fits all” or “build it the way we always have because it worked in the past” will be less viable in this ever-changing market. It’s time to better understand today’s demographic shifts, and to adapt home design and community plans in order to yield better solutions—not to mention more robust financial success. This program will give you new insights into consumer preferences, actionable design solutions based on those preferences, and a new way of thinking for 2016-2017 informed by generational segments.

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Manny Gonzalez, FAIA, LEED AP
Community Visioning to Maximize Value

Thursday, June 23rd
2:15 PM-4:00 PM

Land costs are on the rise again, and there’s more competition for available sites as housing demand continues to improve—making it more critical than ever to create a true vision of community that maximizes the value and yield of that land. In this in-depth case study, the visionary developers and designers behind Playa Vista, The Village and Communications Hill will share their insights into how they created communities that delivered incomparable value and cutting-edge product.

This interactive panel, with opportunities for Q&A throughout, includes a three-part presentation: 1) “Doing the Deal,” covering land costs, location, entitlements and other barriers to entry. 2) “The Visioning Process,” discussing how the creative team dreams up a concept for community that will set them apart from the competition and generate maximum value for the land in terms of product, density, amenities and lifestyle. 3) “Delivering the Vision,” which will discuss not only the challenges and successes in entitling and constructing the community vision, but also the lessons learned during this and similar processes.

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