251 Brandon – State Of The Art Design for Multi-Family Residences In San Jose By KTGY

Tastefully Inspired

August 8, 2017

Lobby of 251 Brandon

251 Brandon Apartments in San Jose, photos by Dean J. Birinyi, ASMP

251 Brandon A Dramatic First Impression

I always like to tour a project before photographing. I get the chance to experience the project and share my experiences in the photographs I create.

I was first taken by the grandeur of the design. As you can see the first impression your get of the project is pretty powerful.

251 Brandon Graphics and Visual Impact. The project is designed to promote activity and use of the amenities on site and throughout the neighborhood.

I was particularly taken by the use of graphics and the walkability of the project.

The architects did a fantastic job of creating fun and energetic common spaces.

251 Brandon Front Elevation251 Brandon Front Elevation. Approachable and fun design.

A unique aspect of the design is the freestanding clubhouse which allowed the designers to create multiple outdoor spaces that are separated from each other.

251 Brandon ClubhouseThe detached clubhouse is a unique design concept that breaks up the outdoor amenities into distinct spaces perfect for private parties.

Use of strong patterns and contrast create energy and excitement.

This creates the opportunity for multiple people to use the outdoor spaces while maintaining a degree of social separation and a sense of privacy.

251 Brandon A secluded space within the larger pool areaThe detached clubhouse creates unique spaces that create intimacy and can remain separate from the larger common areas.

From the architect KTGY…

“251 Brandon responds to the area’s high-density masterplan and delivers quality urban living on a constrained infill site in San Jose, California.

The contemporary style is seen in the clean lines, materials and color selection and serves to attract the young professional.

The location of 251 Brandon, near mass transit and employment centers, further appeals to the young professional renter working nearby, as well as San Francisco and Oakland commuters.

Maximizing the site, the clubhouse is designed as a free-standing building located in the center of the wrapped courtyard.

This provides additional square-footage for residential-units, allowing 251 Brandon to achieve a density of 81.1 du/ac, and establishes a unique destination for residents and their guests. Open floor plans, and private patios maximize the natural light, creating bright and inviting interiors.

Built to LEED Silver standards 251 Brandon offers a full-complement of amenities including a fitness center with yoga floor area, business center and Wi-Fi lounge, and a well-landscape courtyard with a posh pool.” 

Overall a great space perfect for the young professional. I wish the places I lived in when I was young and single were half this nice. But I wasn’t in Silicon Valley.