Kindling Downtown Cookout & Cocktails

Chicago, IL

EQ Properties | Fifty/50

  • Architecture, Interior Design , Branded Environments
  • Retail
  • Restaurant & Bar
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Kindling Downtown Cookout & Cocktails brings the concept of a “walk through the park” to the heart of downtown Chicago. Surrounded by a sea of other highrises lacking in green space, the designers crafted a unique experience where office workers and tourists alike could unwind in a whimsical, playground-inspired getaway that breaks away from the city grid and boxes of monotone buildings. Kindling elegantly and playfully juxtaposes the typical cityscape with winding pathways, open-fire grilling, craft cocktails and a game area among abundant plant life. This restaurant consists of two levels. The first level cultivates intimacy with dining enclaves that offer a mix of privacy and the opportunity to be seen. The second floor attracts the weekend crowd with a striking bar and lively patio terrace. With four entrances strategically placed in high-traffic areas, Kindling capitalizes on high visibility to attract different visitors from the office lobby and the main tourist entrance. The exterior is a glass façade that displays the interior’s vibrant colors and invites passersby to experience this vibrant park scene. The picnic-inspired menu covers early morning breakfasts to late-night dining, appealing to everyone from families on vacation, to executives negotiating over cocktails. With Willis Tower being one of the top tourist destinations in Chicago, Kindling has countless opportunities to leave a sensational impression on its guests.

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Chicago, IL


Gina Deary Principal
  • Branded Environments
  • Interior Design
  • Chicago IL
Stefanie Hajer Associate Principal
  • Branded Environments
  • Chicago IL
Craig Pryde Principal
  • Architecture
  • Chicago IL


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