Richard Nixon Presidential Library Expansion

Yorba Linda, CA

Richard Nixon Foundation

  • Urban Design, Architecture
  • Planning,Retail
  • Site Planning, Museum
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The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum expansion creates a flexible new space for exhibits and events. The building’s impact and weight are a striking new addition that matches the character of the extant campus. KTGY’s designers worked within a limited site area to create as much floor space as possible while adding tuck-under parking, a loading dock, freight elevator and mechanical systems. The large seal, white column and staircase create a photo backdrop for tourists and dignitaries alike. The exhibit hall blends a consistency of look, materials and architectural style with monumentality. The classical colonnade of square columns form modern lines that emphasize structure and proportion. The exhibit hall gracefully fits many moving parts onto a small site that maximizes open, interior space to host national traveling exhibits.

Yorba Linda, CA


Geoff Graney Associate Principal
  • Urban Design
  • Irvine CA
Brandon Wernli Executive Director, Production
  • Architecture
  • Irvine CA
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