Roadrunner Express at Sovovatum Village

San Jacinto, CA

Soboba Economic Development Corporation

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Roadrunner Express at Sovovatum Village is envisioned as a gateway to the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indian Tribe’s entire reservation. The site is located immediately adjacent to the Tribe’s newly constructed hotel and casino. KTGY was hired to prepare a master plan for the overall site and phase one architecture for the Soboba Economic Development Corporation. The vision allows for a variety of uses to occur, including food and beverage, shops, recreational uses, a convenience store, fueling station, car wash and community gathering area all organized to serve as an attractive entrance to the Tribe’s landholdings while complementing the hotel and casino. The design for the Town Center reflects the Tribe’s agrarian heritage and the beauty of the surrounding setting incorporating water and plantings authentic to the history of their use of the land. Striking architectural and hardscape elements also are featured that utilize organic material and color. Phasing was a key element of the plan allowing for the Tribe to establish a sense of place while moving forward with appropriate first phase construction of the convenience center and fueling station. Special attention was given for uses and access to family gathering and recreational opportunities planned for the future. The success of the plan also reflects a thoughtful process lead by KTGY planners utilizing a variety of techniques to gain consensus and direction, including a full day design charrette using Turning Point technologies, silent voting, image identification preference and careful attention to the priorities of the Tribe.

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San Jacinto, CA


Geoff Graney Associate Principal
  • Urban Design
  • Irvine CA
Michael Tseng Associate Principal
  • Architecture
  • Irvine CA
Brandon Wernli Executive Director, Production
  • Architecture
  • Irvine CA


Soboba Economic Development Corporation




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