Thompson Austin

Austin, TX

Brad Nichols

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The Thompson hotel in Austin, Texas — a ground up interior transformation curated by KTGY’s interior design team — delivers an elevated experience to those visiting Downtown Austin. Drawn to this city’s culture and the legacy of the hotel brand, KTGY’s designers were driven by the hill country philosophy, which sits within or compliments the rustic and untamed landscape of the city. By placing a focus on the contrast between lush and arid set in refined, locally-sourced stone and wood, the team curated materiality, palette, and plantscape specific to Thompson Austin’s character. Guests are greeted by a bold porte-cochere and monolithic metal door that leads to a striking lobby that balances a masculine and cool chick atmosphere, reflective of Austin’s local city scene. Unique to each elevator are interactive, lenticular blooming cactus art installations where guests can view its layers opening and closing as they move side-to-side. Custom art crafted by local artisans, who specialize in concrete totem sculptures to textile wall hangings, further infuse the space with a brutalist ambiance, while backlit accents and unique lighting displays create a playful juxtaposition between light and dark. The unique pieces stand alone and add a layer of depth and excitement as you discover every corner of the space. With the cool chick muse serving as the driving force behind the design, Thompson Austin leaves a mark that is impossible to ignore and a complex narrative that ignites new ideas and memories in every detail in each space.

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Austin, TX


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