Waldorf Astoria Chicago

Chicago, IL

11 E. Walton Hotel Owner, LLC

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KTGY has been a part of the Waldorf Astoria Chicago from the very beginning and were invited to return for a refresh. Paying homage to both its French design influences and Chicago’s own Bertha Palmer, the Waldorf’s new design strikes a tone of bold yet timeless luxury. The lobby received updated seating and tables that offer moments of respite without interrupting guest flow. A new wall of ribbed glass separates the lobby from Bernard’s, offering glimpses of patrons in the intimately appointed lounge. Bernard’s was resurrected from meeting space and leaves a lasting impression with its highland inspired color palette and subtle equestrian flourishes. These touches create an energetic, but posh feel that invites visitors to linger over craft cocktails and champagne. The guestrooms offer a contemporary luxury-suite experience with their black and white motif and textural details pulled from French fashion masters. Thick, braided drapery pulls, woven tweed upholstery and plush velvet create a visual and tactile experience of opulence for each guest. The redesigned luxury suites tie each elegant motif together. With a palette drawn from haute couture, the pinstripe vernacular used in the guest rooms highlights moments of transition between the rich wood flooring, wall finishes and recessed cabinetry. Evoking the charm and seclusion of a luxury pied-à-terre, these suites are a hotel unto themselves with ample space for dining, entertaining, exercise and unwinding.

Distinction: One Michelin Key

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Chicago, IL


Lisa Simeone Principal | Board of Directors
  • Interior Design
  • Chicago IL
Carrie Tolman Associate Principal
  • Interior Design
  • Washington D.C.


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G|R|E|C Architects


IMEG Corp.


Mike Schwartz
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