ABC Green Home 2.0: Building with a Purpose

Green Home Builder

June 23, 2014

The groundbreaking for the ABC Green Home 2.0 was a success and a great start to a venture that Green Home Builder and all its partners are excited to begin construction on. With efforts put forth by Habitat for Humanity, Southern California Edison, distinguished architect Manny Gonzalez of the KTGY Group Architecture + Planning, Peninsula Publishing and our team of partners are working to bring the ABC Green Home 2.0 to life. Having generously donated their products to the project, companies like Petersen Dean, Milgard, Beam, Lubrizol and Dunn Edwards believe in building for a purpose.

There are high hopes and new challenges that will be faced along this journey, but once again the ABC Green Home 2.0 is proof that an affordable, buildable and certified energy efficient home can be built, while giving back to a great community. ABC Green Home 2.0 will be a multi-generational two-story home, different from the single story from the ABC Green Home 1.0 project, which opened October 2012. After being put on display for six months, the 2.0 home will be provided to a veteran and their family. This will be the first net-zero home built in Pomona Valley.

“It really helps the homebuilding industry understand that building sustainable and affordable is possible,” stated Manny Gonzales, AIA, LEED AP, principal of Irvine-based KTGY Group Architecture + Planning, Inc. “We are very pleased do something for the veterans and it is a good thing for Walnut.”

The ABC Green Home 2.0 gives the potential to build extremely green with a bigger home. LJP Construction will assist as a third party certifier using HERS ratings system for net-zero energy as well as LEED platinum certification. “We’re trying to achieve more ratings in this project than the last house,” explained Bing Guerin, sustainable construction consultant of LPJ Construction Services. This house will contain plenty of technology from the many partners, with rooftop solar panels, sustainable irrigation systems, stucco and insulation to reduce energy usage with a protective coating in color and design, as well as water saving systems, eliminating the need for soft water and water bottles. The ABC Green Home 2.0 multi-generational design will hopefully get more traction and spread into other markets.

“This home is more practical by showing by example how people can live in a nice home and still be sustainable,” stated Adam Kral, operations manager, M.E.P at Gouvis Engineering.

The ABC Green Home 2.0 is a winwin for homebuilding projects for all manufacturers, partners and especially for the family which it is being donated too. The home is a perfect example of sustainable practices that can easily be applied to upcoming homebuilding projects anywhere.

“It is an honor to do this with Habitat for Humanity and everyone involved,” said Al Alahmad, client relations manager for Gouvis Engineering. “This type of home is the wave of the future for homebuilding projects.”

“The South Coast Air Quality Management District and Dacor are partnered in making sure we improve air quality,” said Michael West, director of marketing for Dacor. Apart from that, Dacor features the longest warranty for all its products, removing the homeowner’s burden and providing a durable product that will help the environment. “When a product has a long lifespan, it saves the environment by using up less resources in producing a new product and less emissions in not having to ship it.” explained West.

Milgard’s Sales Representative, James Urbina, mimicked these sentiments by mentioning that their vinyl window line of products offer a lifetime warranty, local shipping, and energy efficiency. “We also add or remove products,” Urbina said, “based on the field response. We treat every home differently, depending on what it requires and what changes are made during the construction process.”

The home is special because it’s combining the most unique and energy efficient products, from Beam’s Central Vacuum system to Icynene’s spray foam insulation. Tim King, director of sales for Icynene, explains how the insulation helps create healthier, more energy-efficient homes and commercial buildings, with open cell and closed cell spray foam. They are one-step performance materials which both insulate and air seal homes and commercial buildings for the lifetime of the structure. “Our foam is able to generate the highest air quality, energy efficiency, and any homeowner will see significant savings on utility costs,” explains King.

Beam is also providing the ABC Green Home 2.0 with its Central Vacuum System, which is able to remove 100 percent of contacted dirt, dust, mites, pollen, animal dander and other allergens from the home. Sean Mati, representative for Beam, explained that “BEAM central vacuums have a self-cleaning filter that never needs to be replaced. Portable vacuums have filters that need to be replaced and bags that need to be emptied regularly. It’s a truly impressive and unique product in all aspects.”

Lubrizol is another company that was prominent at the groundbreaking. Lubrizol is a company that combines complex specialty chemicals to optimize the quality, performance and value of their customers’ products while reducing their environmental impact. Piping Systems Consultant for Lubrizol, Jeff Landon, was present at the groundbreaking and explained that apart from everything else, “the piping for the home has fire protection, is domestically shipped, and is made out of copper, which apart from durable, is very recyclable.”

The combined effort from all these great companies, Habitat for Humanity, Southern California Edison, coming together to help a veteran’s family, will produce a zero net energy home.

It not only speaks to the character of the home building community and of the city of Walnut, but to the future of homebuilding.

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