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Camila Garrido – LiA Book Drive & Scholarship

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KTGY’s Camila Garrido is making a difference with her involvement in LiA (Latinos in Architecture)

Camila Garrido has been selected as one of the four individuals for KTGY’s 2015 “Making a Difference” program for her time and commitment with Latinos in Architecture (LiA) through AIA San Francisco. LiA’s goal is to serve and support the local communities, strengthen networks between design professionals and enrich business practices through diverse cultural views by fostering participation in educational, professional and community-oriented programs. KTGY is assisting in the first annual 2016 LiA Annual Scholarship Fund in hopes of fostering interest and ability for high school students to attend architecture school.

As part of the LiA’s educational programs, the committee holds an annual book drive that has been one of the most successful programs of the committee. Since 2013, the committee donated more than 800 books and 900 magazines to several Bay Area high schools. The program was created to inspire and mentor minority students attending local high schools and schools that may or may not have an architecture cluster and/or related field study programs. Currently, LiA is collecting architecture, art, interior design, construction landscape, urban planning and architectural photography books until August 15th. This year our Irvine office donated over 25 books from our design library.

Last year, LiA San Francisco collected more than 450 books and magazines that were distributed to four high schools: Balboa High School, Lincoln High School, Richmond High School and Burton High School. Camila and Miguel Campo, also from our Oakland office, volunteered their time to provide hands-on education through a Sketch-Up workshop at Mr. Farrari’s multi-media and design class at Richmond High School.

Camila says, “It was a great pleasure to see the students’ faces light up when we told our personal stories about how we got into our prospective fields of architecture and structural design.” She added, “To make things fun for the students, we quizzed them on famous architects and buildings and handed out new books to the winners. I brought along design sets of some of my projects that used Sketch-Up software, and the accompanying construction documents. The students were fascinated when they looked through the sets.”

Lastly, she mentions, “I was also so impressed that each student was able to produce a simple building with a unique name at the end of our Sketch-Up workshop. We were able to open the eyes and minds of the students and we hope to be able to continue to do so in the upcoming year.”