Doug Heaton of KTGY’s Los Angeles office is Making a Difference by providing meals to homeless women in downtown Los Angeles. Doug responded to KTGY’s call for entries in KTGY’s Making a Difference Program this past January. KTGY is proud to support Doug by providing funds that will buy the food for approximately 365 meals, or may also be used for food and gifts for homeless children.

Doug volunteers for a program called Golden Sol Double Scrub and Build a Meal. It is a combined effort of the Downtown Los Angeles Women’s Center and Golden Sol Yoga and Wellness Center.

Every first Sunday of the month, Doug is up with the sun to purchase, pick up and deliver food for the lunch that day. He and the other volunteers double scrub the kitchen from top to bottom in order to meet the health code, and then they prepare and serve the lunches ­ usually a warm sandwich with fruit, fresh salad, water and a snack ­ for 150 homeless women. Separate from the meals, the organization also gives out gift pumpkins and bags for homeless children.

Golden Sol Yoga and Wellness Center grew out of a community project that Doug’s wife and her business partner started in 2011. Located in Los Feliz, Golden Sol Yoga and Wellness Center offers yoga teacher training, yoga classes and wellness programs in addition to partnering with the Downtown Los Angeles Women’s Center on this volunteer program of feeding homeless women. Since Golden Sol’s opening they have provided over 10,000 meals to women in need.   It’s amazing the power we have for change when we commit ourselves!!

Doug says, “Golden Sol Yoga and Wellness Center is like a second home to me. They are always encouraging others to find their true path. Instead of marketing, they choose to donate. This is why I love Golden Sol Yoga and Wellness Center, they bring men and women together for the good of humanity.”  Thank you, Doug, for Making a Difference!