Monday, April 17
DAY 1: Healthy Breakfast

KTGY – PUNE Kick Started the week with some tasty fruits, wheat bran flakes, milk and protein bars. A perfect refreshing bowl amid scorching summers!

Tuesday, April 18
DAY 2: Yoga Session

KTGY – PUNE continued into the second day of wellness week with the opportunity to reduce stress, tension and become more physically fit through yoga. We had Mr. Sandeep take us through a relaxing hour of meditation and connecting with our inner self.

Wednesday, April 19
DAY 3: Hula Hoop Competition

KTGY – PUNE held a Hula Hoop Competition for the third day of wellness week. We had a clear winner with Rupgandha going nonstop for 10 mins. Way to go!

Thursday, April 20
DAY 4: Dynamic Yoga

KTGY-PUNE attended a Dynamic Yoga Session on the 4th day of wellness week.