What is the Los Coyotes Trail Ragnar all about?? – according to the website it is “the best running party under the stars” but that doesn’t even come close to describing the experience.

KTGY’s Trail Ragnar Team – The Office Olympic Rejects battled some difficult conditions and banded together for an amazing experience of some of the most difficult trail running and finished just over 30 hours.

Friday, November 11 at 9:00 AM, the start gun goes off, and the team of 8 set out to conquer a series of three rugged double track trails that start and finish at Ragnar Village one runner at a time. Ragnar Trail is an overnight trail running adventure that you can only do with a team. And when the sun goes down, runners make their way through the night with headlamps until every person on their team has completed all three loops on Saturday.

For the team, it meant temperatures of 28-30 degrees in the dark at least once, some twice!   Each ran an 8-mile loop and two 3-mile loops with elevation gains and losses of 3,500 ft.  With little sleep, tons of dust, exposure, heat, and freezing temperatures, they dug deep and conquered this challenge and actually had fun doing it!  They learned a little about themselves, a lot about each other and came out the other side feeling accomplishment and pride! Special kudos to the Camp Cook Greg who kept everyone fed and hydrated!  Caffeine Balls and Sticky Rice!