12 KTGY’ers ran from Huntington Beach to San Diego – almost 200 miles with a finish time of 32:51:44, only 11:31:04 behind the winning team!!! Each team member ran three legs, with distances varying from 2.3 miles to 12.2. The weekend was filled with lots of sweat, sleeping in vans or on golf courses, carb loading, and U-turns.

Traveling in two vans, expertly decorated by our art director Christine. If there were a van-decorating award, we would have won that competition hands-down. (The stripes were also helpful when attempting to spot our van in a sea of other vans in parking lots!)

Special shout-out to Jessica Musick for jumping in at the last minute to help fill our team member void. Also, huge thanks to Erin Ettenger, Mark Oberholzer, and Brian Davis who all helped volunteer and drive our vans. (I want to specifically call out Erin’s magnificent flag-waving and van direction.) Lastly thanks Jessica Candaele! For encouraging us to have this team in the first place!