SoCAL NOMA’s (National Organization of Minority Architects)

Day 1

The 8th Annual Architecture & Engineering summer camp kicked off on Saturday, July 15th with a bang!  Close to 90 campers participated in a fun filled day of interactive presentations, a marshmallow tower challenge, and they got a jump start on their design projects centered around the new LA Rams Stadium.

Day 2

The day started off with a field trip to the official LA Stadium Premiere Center. The Wilson Meany development team gave an exclusive state-of-the-art tour of the phased development that is part of the new Stadium and Entertainment District at Hollywood Park. It was a stunning space and the campers got to see some incredible video presentations and physical models of the site.

After the field trip, campers dove back into their design projects and worked on getting their official “building permits” to begin developing their site models.  Yes, “building permits” were a fun little twist that was included this year.

We are excited for Day 3 when we get to see what everyone has created!  Special shout out to KTGY LA’s Janiece Williams and Liz Vento for volunteering their time and being great mentors to their teams!

Day 3

Day 3 of SoCAL NOMA’s 8th Annual Architecture & Engineering summer camp was extremely rewarding!  After all the hard work and dedication of our campers, they put the finishing touches on their design projects by finalizing their site plans. A good portion of them built physical models with some of the older campers creating Sketchup models.

It’s amazing to see the final products they came up with, and how they chose their designs. Saturday morning, August 5th will be the last and final day of this year’s camp where the camper’s final projects will be on display for everyone to see along with a presentation and recognition ceremony held at Sci-Arc.

It has been extremely rewarding to have had the opportunity to engage and connect with our campers during this time and end this year’s Architecture & Engineering summer camp with a final display of their finished models.

A BIG THANKS to Anabel Martinez and Janice Shin for volunteering their time and bringing their vibrant energy to the camp!

Day 4

Saturday, August 5, 2017 was the last and final day of SoCAL NOMA’s 8th Annual Architecture & Engineering Summer Camp which included camper presentations and awards.  Sci-Arc was the gracious host for the second year in a row.  All of the work from the past 3 Saturdays was on display, and the campers and parents were really proud to see all that they had accomplished.  Thank you again to the fellow KTGY’ers for volunteering time and helping to make 2017’s camp an extraordinary one!