On December 16th almost half of the Oakland office volunteered to clean-up a future project site for Habitat for Humanity’s East Bay/Silicon Valley chapter. The effort, organized as a way to celebrate KTGY’s 25th anniversary, included clearing massive amounts of debris and brush from a site in East Oakland that Habitat for Humanity recently purchased from the city. Having served as a vacant lot for the last two-plus decades, the plan is to build a multi-family project on site once cleared.

Our group of 30 met early at the office to then commute across town via car-share to cut down on vehicles at the site. The weather was uncharacteristically cold, but thankfully the heavy rain from the day before had stopped. Upon arrival we split into teams, donned protective gear and mud boots and went to work clearing large piles of debris, furniture, trash and brush. It was dirty, hard work and required lots of teamwork to lift rain-soaked items into large construction dumpsters. Given how long the property had been vacant, we definitely unearthed a few hidden gems. By 3pm, we had removed 70 cubic yards (3 dumpsters full) of material from the site! We made a huge impact for one day and left feeling accomplished, fulfilled, sore, and a little wind burned.