On Friday, May 5th, KTGY Oakland hosted Madison Park’s – 6th grade Class in our office. Since partnering with the school earlier this year through the Oakland Public Education Fund’s Adopt a School program, the Oakland office has been working with this class on lessons surrounding Themes, Concept Design, and Graphic Media. The class is working hard to create individual posters for a Gallery Show that will be held on their campus in June.

Friday’s office visit included four interactive stations:
Station 1: Pin-up and Review of each student’s poster progress
Station 2: Virtual Reality
Station 3: Design – Sketch-up, Models and Materials
Station 4: Site Planning & Construction

Senior Planner Cindy Ma of KTGY Oakland reflected on the experience with Adopt a School stating, “[Adopting an Oakland school] has provided opportunities to strengthen the team building within our company, reinforce our connection to Oakland’s community, share our profession with potential future architects and planners, work with an invested school and their staff, and gain new knowledge from an exciting and energetic bunch of 6th-graders.”

A big thanks to all the Oakland office Ambassadors who made this a memorable day for both Madison Students and KTGY Staff!