Oakland Wellness Week:

Monday, April 3             Breakfast bowls

The breakfast bowls were a fun way to usher in wellness week! We made our own breakfast bowls with greek yogurt, granola, fruits (strawberries, bananas, berries, frozen mango), chia seeds, and coconut flakes. Great response from everyone.

Tuesday, April 4            Ahhh Massages

The 15-minute chair massages were a hit because it was an activity that everyone felt they could enjoy regardless of schedule or level of fitness. The biggest comments were that it went by much quicker than expected and people wished it could be longer.

Wednesday, April 5       Lunch & Learn

Xynergy hosted a lunch & learn on Work Life Balance, and we ordered healthy food from Farm Hill. The food was great, with a mix of rice quinoa, chicken, green beans, curried tofu, salad, and fruit. The seminar was also fun and interactive while also informative, teaching everyone that work life balance is more about defining what brings a sense of achievement and enjoyment, defining priorities, and creating an actionable plan to reorient towards a harmony of achievement and enjoyment. Great participation and positive response from everyone.

Thursday, April 6           Amazing Race (rescheduled for the following Tuesday)

Oakland had an Amazing Race with 5 teams (of 3 people; 15 people total) and 5 stations:

Station 1: burpees (15) / high knees (30) / jumping jacks (15)
Station 2: push-ups (15) / tricep dips (15) / up+down planks (15)
Station 3: squats (30) / mountain climbers (30) / Russian twists (30)
Station 4: bicycle crunches (30) / lunges (30) / plank (1 min)
Station 5: cardio relay (1 lap per person)

Prizes included the following:

1st place: $50 sports basement giftcard
2nd place: $25 whole foods giftcard
3rd place: $15 whole foods giftcard

Everyone finished within 11 minutes and despite the gray skies/rain at the end, it was a fun quick workout! Some have expressed interest in doing it again in the near future. Some things we would do differently are to include more exercises so that it goes for a longer period of time, and have everyone start at different stations with one person manning each station to ensure that everyone has the correct form during the exercises. Other than those minor hiccups, it was a great activity and seemed like a great team building exercise.

Friday, April 7                Morning Meditation

Lauren Martino led a morning meditation session, with about 10 people participating. It was a nice, low-key way to end the week.