In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the Oakland office embarked on an office-wide PeopleMap exercise, getting together before our delicious potluck lunch to get to know each other better and to continue to improve communication with each other.

The PeopleMap exercise, developed by Dr. Lillibridge and Dr. Mathis for A/E firms, is a short personality type test used to help people understand themselves and others in the form of combination personality types:

  • Hard Driver – Task ; Task- Hard Driver
  • People – Task; Task – People
  • People – Free Spirit; Free Spirit – People
  • Hard Driver – People; People – Hard Driver
  • Free Spirit – Hard Driver; Hard Driver – Free Spirit
  • Task – Free Spirit; Free Spirit -Task

About 99% of the Oakland office participated! It was a fun engaging workshop with great insightful discussion with all participants on the weaknesses and strengths of their personality type and how it plays out with their team.

Below are some results of this exercise:

  • 23% of KTGY Oakland are “People – Free Spirit; Free Spirit – People”
  • There was a 3-way tie and 18% of KTGY Oakland are in each of the following: “Free Spirit – Hard Driver; Hard Driver – Free Spirit”, and “People – Task; Task – People”
  • 15% of KTGY Oakland are “Hard Driver – People; People – Hard Driver”
  • 6% of KTGY Oakland are “Task – Free Spirit; Free Spirit -Task”
  • Several people had multiple characteristics (a tie in their score results)
  • Seems like we have a good mix of people that know how to have fun, be creative, get the job done, and are about the bottom line!