It is mathematically delicious. Pi(e) day is celebrated on March 14 (3.14) and this year KTGY employee’s pulled out all of the stops. With over 25 pies baked and consumed in various offices across the nation, winners had to be chosen.

Irvine: Four pies entered…one emerged victorious.
Congratulations Benyamin for your wining Apple Pie

Tysons: Always striving for better… 12 pies were submitted and additional categories were added.
Congratulations to all of the Winners
Best Filling: Megan’s Chocolate Silk Pie
Best Crust: Kit’s Apple Pie with Crystallized Ginger
Most Creative/Exotic: Christine’s Hershey’s Pie
Best Overall Pie: Katie’s Apple Pie

Oakland: Simply enjoying the day… Nine pies were brought in, none were judged, all were eaten and everyone slipped silently and peacefully into a food coma.