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Making A Difference – Aeeshah Diggs

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Committed to giving back to her community, Aeeshah first learned about the Bay Area Seminoles through friends. The youth organization provides mentorship support to underserved and at-risk youth in the Bay Area through sports, using football and cheer programs as a tool to instill critical life skills such as work ethic, teamwork, and accountability into the young men and women in the program.

After seeing the positive impact of the organization firsthand, Aeeshah began volunteering her time to help at events and support the local league Business Manager. Her 8-year-old son Mark Jr. now plays on the league and Aeeshah has steadily increased her volunteer time to 50 hours per season, noting her desire to do all she can for the community. Her upcoming volunteer work will revolve around supporting fundraising efforts and functions where the Seminoles give back to the community through programs like their back to school backpack giveaway. Last year the group collected enough for about 300 students to pick their own backpacks and school supplies.

Recognizing the importance of education, the Bay Area Seminoles provides academic support in the form of tutoring and special education advocacy for the children and their families. They also work hard to increase the exposure their kids have to the rest of the country by coordinating and executing travel for teams to Texas, Las Vegas and even Ohio.

KTGY’s donation will go straight back to the Bay Area Seminole kids in the form of reduced participation fees and scholarships while also allowing the organization to continue to provide its participants with the best and safest equipment and cover the costs of renting playing fields and paying referees.

“I love this organization because I see how much they strive to do things the right way and how their focus is without a doubt on the kids,” says Aeeshah, “Many people assume youth football and cheer programs are only about sports and many of them are, but not the Seminoles.”

Thank you for Making a Difference, Aeeshah!