Ashley Bowlin of KTGY’s Denver office is making a difference through her charitable work with Hospice of Kona where she is a dedicated volunteer fundraiser and phone counselor.

Ashley’s father was under hospice care with late stages of cancer, and she recounts that the acts of kindness her family received by the Hospice of Kona were endless. The Hospice of Kona cares for individuals out of the comfort of their own homes, leaving family members as primary caretakers. Ashley notes that the organization goes above and beyond by being available by phone to answer questions and being physically present at any hour of the day or night should an urgent need arise.

Ashley says, “We were so thankful someone from Hospice of Kona was with us to explain everything so thoroughly. We were only one of many families Hospice of Kona helps. Through their work, they touch so many people.”

To learn more about Hospice of Kona, please visit:

Thank you, Ashley, for Making a Difference!