ARTIC Opens: New Anaheim Transportation Center

NBC Southern California

December 8, 2014

One can be forgiven at momentarily wondering if a new “Frozen” attraction had opened at Disneyland upon learning that something called ARTIC is now operating in Anaheim.

ARTIC is not a part of the animated film’s large sphere, but it will help fans get to “Frozen”-related happenings at the Magic Kingdom, and the Honda Center, and Angels Stadium, and anywhere else they need to get to, via public transport, from Tijuana to San Francisco: It’s the brand-new Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodel Center, a $180-million-dollar project that’ll serve a bouquet of commuter needs.

The center welcomed its first commuters on Monday, Dec. 8.

Federal and local transportation dollars funded ARTIC, which, officials say, should see about 8,000 commuters a day, and could one day handle high-speed rail. The hub has been in the works since 1992.

Will Amtrak stop? Yes. Metrolink? Yes. Will a bevy of buses now brake at ARTIC? They will. OCTA will stop at the center, Greyhound, cabs, and ART, the Anaheim Resort Transportation.

An additional perk of the spokely sort: “ARTIC will feature direct access from the Santa Ana Trail so bicyclists can ride ARTIC and either store their bike in a bike locker or load it on a train or bus.”

The public — those who haven’t yet entered the station to catch their bus or train — can eye the bike lockers and other features of the state-of-the-art transportation hub on Saturday, Dec. 13 when ARTIC hosts a grand opening celebration and open house. Displays, family-nice to-dos, and self-guided tours are on the docket.

If you do wander about, look for dining, shopping, community spaces, phone-plus charging stations, and Wi-Fi.

As for where you’ll find a bustling bus-thick nexus, one that shall deposit people looking to visit some of Orange County’s biggest destinations? You probably can guess it isn’t too far from the place you used to catch the bus, and it isn’t: Find ARTIC between the Honda Center and Angels Stadium on Katella Avenue.

It shouldn’t be too hard to locate the 67,000-square-foot center; the steel frame is kitted-out with LED lights, so look for “an array of colors” to twinkle through ARTIC’s ETFE material after sundown.

That does sound fitting for a place not too far from the Magic Kingdom, and adjacent to one of the SoCal’s biggest entertainment venues.