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April 7, 2021

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Multi-Expert Interview: Current Home & Building Design Trends

Looking to get a home built that includes the latest design trends and features? What better way to learn about these trends than straight from the architects and contractors themselves?

We interviewed some established architects and contractors in the home and building industry, and have put their experiences and answers all together in one place for you to view. The experts answer questions about current trends, sustainable building materials, favorite projects they’ve worked on, and more.

Learn more here from the experts. And thank you to those who participated in this article!

Benjamin Kasdan

Benjamin Kasdan, KTGY Architecture + Planning

What are the most popular features people look for in new working spaces these days?
We are seeing a trend to design spaces to accommodate connections for residents, such as co-working spaces and hotel lobby-like lounges.

What motivated or inspired you to become an architect?
Architecture chose me more than I chose architecture. I was always fascinated by buildings and spaces that I visited and would draw about my experiences afterwards.

The word “architect” was a 2nd-grade spelling word in Miss Mayer’s class and when I asked her what that funny word meant, I realized that it was my destiny.

What designs motivate and inspire your work as an architect?
I find design inspiration everywhere: buildings, public spaces, vehicles, art, music, nature. I love to travel to find new sources of inspiration.

What size homes do you find yourself being asked most often to design?
My studio at KTGY focuses on high-density multi-family projects. Most projects either end up with a lot of very small units or a lot of very big units.

Do you have a favorite project/design you’ve created or were part of creating? Can you tell us about your experience and share some blueprints or images with us?
I always hope that the current project will be my next favorite. Some favorites are 2125 Franklin – a mixed-use student housing project in Eugene, Oregon, with a very constrained site; Fourth Street East – a mixed-use project in the Jack London District of Oakland, California, that spans 2 city blocks with a very clear big idea in its aesthetic expression; and Symphony – a high-end mixed-use project in the Arts District of Costa Mesa, California, near South Coast Plaza that fills in a piece of the urban fabric.

2125 Franklin, a Eugene, OR, student housing project

Fourth Street East, a mixed-use project in Oakland, CA

Symphony, a large mixed-use project in Costa Mesa, CA

Top: 2125 Franklin is a Eugene, OR, student housing project. Middle: Fourth Street East, a mixed-use project in Oakland, CA, spans two city blocks. Bottom: Symphony, in Costa Mesa, CA, is a large mixed-use project.

There are many designers and architects in the field, what about your work sets you apart from others?
KTGY does not have a singular architectural voice, but we work very collaboratively with our clients to create truly custom projects for every project.

Do you feel as though sustainability (i.e. eco-friendly, sustainable materials, etc.) is an important part of your work? If so, how do you incorporate these into your designs to make them more sustainable?
Being an architect in California equals being a sustainability advocate. Every project we design is deeply influenced by sustainability, though I advocate for holistic sustainability more than just buying a bunch of “Green” building gadgets.

What do you think the design trends will be like in the year 2050?
Design trends in 2050 will likely have to with multi-generational living and flexibility.