Ben Kasdan – University Development

Bisnow: NorCal University Development & Student Housing

March 13, 2018

9:15 AM – 10:00 AM

The Fairmont Hotel
950 Mason St.
San Francisco, CA 94108

Ballroom: Venetian Room, 1st Floor

What You’ll Learn:

(1) How does student housing fit into the larger Bay Area discussion of affordability? Has anything changed since last year?

(2) What innovations have there been in student housing in terms of design and construction (modular, etc.)? Unique to Bay Area? On-campus compared to off-campus?

(3) How are universities partnering with developers, architects, GCs and more in reaching their student objectives? Are these partnerships more hands-on or hands-off?

(4) What’s the 2020 Vision for student housing in the Bay Area?

(5) Beyond Student Housing: What additional factors (graduate student housing, faculty housing, facilities) are affecting what and how universities are being built?

Why This Matters:

Join us for our NorCal University Development & Student Housing Event this upcoming March!

With some of the leading universities in the country, San Francisco has high demand for student housing, but faces increasingly high living costs and affordability questions.

We’ll be covering the State of the Market in student housing – where the new developments are happening, what the challenges unique to the Bay Area are, and what the innovations in design & construction are to address the constraints and ever-evolving student needs.

This will be followed by a University Development perspective – hearing from the universities directly and those working closely with them on what their 2020 vision is, and how the sector continues to evolve. How are those in the industry partnering to create live-learn environments and prepare for Gen-Z?