Ben Seager & Marissa Kasdan – Residential Design for Mental Health and Wellness

Metropolis | Think Tank Thursdays

September 28, 2023

4:00 PM – 5:15 PM ET

Ben Seager, Principal, KTGY
Marissa Kasdan, Director, Design, KTGY
Katherine Mazade, Design Writer & Editor, Madame Architect
Lezlie Murch, Chief Programs Officer, Exodus Recovery, Inc.

As mental health statistics in the United States continue to decline, residential design can play an important role in supporting our health and wellness. Approaches like trauma-informed design, for example, are currently applied in crisis housing for individuals with unique and traumatic life experiences, but those methods could also be beneficial to the broader population.

Join a panel of researchers, designers, and experts on the front lines to learn how design strategies for mental health can help guide housing design in the future.