Hartley Flats Caters to Discerning Millennials

Multifamily Executive

September 20, 2017

In its research of the millennial consumer, developer Simpson Housing found that many Gen Yers, not having left the home they grew up in, were accustomed to the high-quality finishes and materials their parents favored. As new renters finally out on their own, however, this group wanted a more transitional, modern verve.

The brick-and-stucco building with metal accents known as Hartley Flats delivers that in an edgy façade. The four-level building also maximizes an E-shaped site to offer generous apartments of up to 1,214 square feet and views of downtown Denver and the Rocky Mountains.

The 166 units were designed with open layouts that compensate in some cases for having few windows because of the building’s configuration. Among the most novel amenities are eating counters that eliminate the need for a dining table; large storage areas to stash skis, snowboards, bicycles, and other big gear; a large business office that this cohort now desires, since many work from home but like having others around; and a trio of elevated courtyards above a parking deck. Each deck is different: one with pool, spa, and kitchen; a second with lounge seating and outdoor TV; and the third for a quiet zone.

The building’s lease-up in less than a year proved the developers planning was on target.