KB ProjeKt Home Wins TecHome Brilliance Award


February 13, 2018

KB Home (NYSE:KBH) today announced that its KB ProjeKt concept home built for the 2016 Greenbuild Conference in Los Angeles received a 2017 TecHome Brilliance Award.

Entering in the Starter Homes category, KB Home identified how many of the concepts explored in the KB ProjeKt would benefit first-time homebuyers by maximizing a home’s efficiency, performance, flexibility, and functionality within a relatively small footprint, which can reduce costs.

Looking to the future of home life in 2020 and 2050, the KB ProjeKtexplored innovative themes and ideas of sustainability, smart-home technology, flexible living space, wellness, and security. It featured a mix of both imaginative advancements and today’s cutting-edge technology, such as a drone landing pad for package delivery, moveable walls, a water-recycling dishwasher from Whirlpool® Corporation, and a Tesla Powerwall® battery. Approximately 1,000 people toured the KB ProjeKt home at the Greenbuild Conference, and it was awarded Top Project of the Year honors by Environmental Leader.

Among the KB ProjeKt features relevant to first-time home buyers included movable walls which facilitated the repurposing of interior space according to the immediate needs of its occupants. The KB ProjeKt also demonstrated the concept of building cartridges, in which aspects of the home are built off-site before installation and can easily be switched out for new cartridges, providing its occupants even more flexibility to adapt their home to their changing needs without the inconvenience of a relocation or renovation. The home’s lighting, which utilized programmable LEDs, could be set to different colors and temperatures aligned with the occupants’ circadian rhythms to support optimum wakefulness and restfulness for health, wellness, and productivity, and its energy- and water-efficient features could reduce utility costs, helping to make home ownership more attainable.

The project was a product of KB Home’s leadership in sustainability along with partners BUILDER, KTGY, and the VirginiaTech Center for Design Research School of Architecture + Design. Many elements of the collaboration and innovation that went into creating this award-winning home were captured through stories and videos that can be accessed at www.builderonline.com/kbhomeprojekt.

KB Home has a long history of innovation in the home building industry, and the KB ProjeKt represented a skillful synthesis of what we’ve learned over the last 60 years and the forward-thinking talents of our team,” said Jeffrey Mezger, KB Home’s chairman, president, and CEO. “Many of the concepts displayed in the KB ProjeKt, including highly energy- and water-efficient designs and appliances, resource-conserving materials, smart-home technology, and healthy-home features, are already incorporated into every home that KB Home builds. The KB ProjeKt showcased a creative mix of cutting edge technology and aspirational home design to provide a glimpse of what home building could be in the future, and how a home could potentially help its occupants live healthier and more efficient lives while reducing environmental impact.”

The TecHome Brilliance Awards was created to salute excellence and innovation in home technology, honoring a diverse span of products, along with contractors, service providers and builders. To learn more, visit https://techomeawards.com/.