KTGY Architecture Chicago – Intern Highlights


September 1, 2016

All across Chicago, students are moving back into their dorms and apartments for another year of academics, after a very sunny summer break. But some students got a leg up on their professional careers by trading in swim trunks for business wear and the daily grind of summer internship programs. Today we highlight what interns at four commercial real estate firms learned at the feet of those who came before them.
KTGY Architecture + Planning’s Chicago/Midwest office hosted one intern this summer. Peter Westerfield (center, seated), a senior at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, wrapped up a 12-week internship that included a trip to KTGY’s HQ in Irvine, CA. Peter says design and development have always been very exciting topics and that the coolest thing to design is something where people will live and work. “You have the opportunity not only to be part of creating something aesthetically pleasing and interesting, but to shape an experience that people will interact with and explore every day.”