Leading Design Firms Merge to Become a One-Stop Shop for Builders


May 14, 2021

Leading residential architecture firm KTGY and hospitality design firm Simeone Deary Design Group have teamed up to bring builders a one-stop shop solution.

HorizonTV’s latest video features KTGY CEO Tricia Esser and Simeone Deary co-founders Lisa Simeone and Gina Deary explaining their motives behind the merger, the future of residential design, and the benefits it provides builders.

“This came about a few years back when we started talking about how can we integrate interiors better with our architecture and really realizing that the client could benefit and value from sort of a one-stop shop in terms of one place, but that the projects could benefit from having an integrated process where interiors was in the project from the start,” says Esser.