Manny Gonzalez – Green Building: Show Us the Money!

MFE Conference

October 7, 2015

Many developers and owners have a difficult time quantifying the ROI of green building investments. In some jurisdictions, you have no choice—building to code is sometimes just a stone’s throw from certification. So, which green upgrades have the biggest impact on your bottom line? How can you turn utility savings into a marketing tool? And how can you attract those institutional investors who will only buy or invest in green developments? This session will separate the facts from all the green-washing hype, showing how to do good and do well at the same time.

Moderator: Peter Zadoretzky, Bozzuto Management Company;
Panelists: Christina McPike, Associate Project Manager, Winn Companies; Manny Gonzalez, KTGY; Jason Shepard, Dwell Design Studio