Manny Gonzalez – Rethinking Universal Design in Multifamily Projects

NAHB Webinar

November 13, 2019

11:00 AM PST

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True Universal Design isn’t just about accessible design, it goes well beyond the Fair Housing Act. It’s about making the spaces we live in easier to use at all stages of life. From creative solutions that can make plugging in the vacuum easier, to bath accessories that are great looking but also work as a grab bar if needed, the NAHB webinar Rethinking Universal Design in Multifamily Projects will help designers and builders incorporate Universal Design into their living environments.

Universal Design doesn’t have to cost any more than standard construction if you incorporate the concepts in the initial design. In Rethinking Universal Design in Multifamily Projects we’ll cover the three levels of Universal Design: the must-haves, the desired options and the budget-stretching premium features. As the homebuilding industry begins to embrace “Total Wellness” as a differentiator, Universal Design is a key factor in that effort.

Rethinking Universal Design in Multifamily Projects will help you decide what new technologies are must-haves, and which might be overkill. From millennial apartments to active adult, single-family homes, incorporating Universal Design into your community can set you apart from the competition.

Participants in this webinar will learn:

  • How Universal Design goes beyond the Fair Housing Act.
  • About some of the best products that gracefully support Universal Design without saying ADA.
  • How Universal Design can help with sales and leasing without costing any more.