Manny Gonzalez – What Boomers are Looking for in 2015: Part 2 of 3


March 27, 2015

This is the second installment in a three-part series about lifestyle trends that are emerging for the 88 million Baby Boomers (including me).

Market Rate Apartments. There has always been a huge market for affordable active adult rentals in the US, but one of the trends for 2015 seems to be the emergence of active adult market rate rentals. With those 65+ being the fastest growing tourism traveler demographic, the ability to lock and leave and not having to worry about the yard will see this living choice increase. There is also a trend toward a second home as a rental for a number of reasons, location, amenities, weather and entertainment to name a few. However, the most important is to be near family and be able to spend an extended period of time with grandchildren, yet be able to return to your apartment for the evening. And, if there happens to be a job change for the parents and they move with the grandchildren, the 55+ renter, who just saw the worst housing recession ever, can just walk away. No house to sell if we happen to be in another economic slump.

Entertainment. Research continues to show that the Boomers like to entertain and entertain a lot! The trend has started in home design, but we will continue to see it grow in 2015. The kitchen will be the stage for entertaining in the great room. Kitchen islands will continue to grow to accommodate more seating, and folding walls will allow for the entertaining to transition from inside to outdoors seamlessly. This won’t be limited to just single-family homes either, the stacked flat home can offer the same entertainment opportunity and do it with a view!

Socializing. Arguably the main reason residents choose an age-qualified community is to be with people who have similar interests and pursuits. You will see the trend of more clubs forming for a broader array of activities from skiing to scuba diving, from growing veggies to cooking them. Community bar-b-q dinners and taco Tuesday are popular as are fire pits and bocce courts. The popular term for activities like these is socializing, but I have heard it described as Boomers just looking for an excuse to get together and drink! Either way, the trend to want to get together with friends and enjoy the time they now have will continue to expand.