Marissa Kasdan – Future Proofing: Investing in R&D to Create a Competitive Advantage


May 25, 2023

11:00 AM – 11:45 AM PDT

Anaheim Convention Center
800 W Katella Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92802
Room: ACC North, 200 Level, Room 258

Marissa Kasdan, Director, Research + Development, KTGY
Dylan Emmett, Partner, LP Coverage & Capital Markets, Fifth Wall
Emily Boyd, Director of Land Acquisition, Brookfield Properties
Deana Vidal, Senior Manager, Trend Consulting, John Burns Real Estate Consulting, LLC (Moderator)

R&D, a lifeline of business resilience and customer-centered new product development, gets billions in investment from top consumer brands, healthcare leaders, and industrial innovators. This diamond mine of opportunity goes entirely untapped in homebuilding and residential development common practice. However, without breaking the budget, you can give your team both a competitive advantage and a path to business resiliency and sustainable success with a modest R&D commitment. This session’s thought and practice leaders will unpack insight data and discovery solutions proven to bring what consumers value most to light, while removing friction and uncertainty from your home and community design, product development, and neighborhood program value stream.