Mark Oberholzer – Adaptive Innovation in New Construction Types

ULI: Construction Innovation

July 16, 2021

11:00 PST

Mark Oberholzer, KTGY
David Amundson, C.W. Driver
Matt Timmers, John A. Martin & Associates

Terwilliger Center Monthly Webinar Series: Adaptive Innovation in New Construction Types

When should a housing project consider implementing one of recently developing construction types such as Mass Timber, Structural Light Gauge Steel or Volumetric Modular?

This program will consider when looking to innovative construction solutions makes sense – from the specific experience of an architect, a structural engineer, a general contractor and a developer (or public policy expert?)

Each of these three construction types – modular, bearing steel stud and mass timber—address potential solutions for the most pressing problems facing the creation of new housing, ranging from concerns about cost, material procurement, construction time, sustainability and urban density.

In balancing the risk, cost and value of new construction technologies, there are specific lessons to be learned from this group of industry experts – who are willing to share not only the best case, but also the reality of implementing new methods on housing developments, while also positing on the future of each of these types.

The discussion will center around projects representing each type:

  • Bearing light gauge steel mid-rise
  • Modular supportive housing
  • Mass Timber mid-rise
  • Hybrid Mass Timber podium

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