Mark Oberholzer – Barriers & Solutions to Expanding Use Opportunities for Dated Office Buildings | Webinar

Council on Open Building: Webinar Series

April 17, 2024

5:30 p.m. EST

Mark Oberholzer, AIA Principal, KTGY, Los Angeles, CA
Ken Bernstein Principal City Planner, City of Los Angeles, CA
Lina Lee 1st Vice President, Development CIM Group, Los Angeles, CA
Robert M. Seldin CEO, Highland Square Holdings, Arlington, VA
Roberto Vasquez, AIA Associate Principal, AXIS/GFA Architecture, Los Angeles, CA
Darin Jellison, AIA Principal, Blackney Hayes Architects, Philadelphia, PA (Moderator)
Ben Carlson, AIA Principal, Goody Clancy, Boston, MA (Moderator)

Part of the Council on Open Building webinar series, this session will explore how building codes, development regulations, markets, finance, and design interact in determining feasibility of adapting an older building to serve new use opportunities. We will look at conversion case studies not just of office to housing, but also office to a mix of continued office, housing and/or other uses over time. We will highlight frequent code challenges including seismic upgrades and fire protection. Our panel brings together key interdisciplinary perspectives: city planners, developers and architects. Join us to learn and share lessons on how to do more with aging buildings.