At the Intersection of Visual and Neighborhood Impact

A bold mixed-use development, 1185 Sunset is situated just southwest of Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California. Positioned along a prominent street frontage, the building design has evolved in terms of style, height and unit count over its nearly 10-year lifespan. Today, 1185 Sunset is transforming the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Everett Street with a design that has garnered enthusiastic support from the city and the client, helping to revitalize the Victor Heights neighborhood.

KTGY’s collaborative role started with a site study conducted for Canadian developer Aragon Properties. The large site, which stretches across more than a block of Sunset Boulevard, was home to a few small commercial properties and vacant lots. The study not only looked at zoning and allowances but also what was needed in the neighborhood. With these considerations in mind, designers brought forward the original concept. Then, several years were spent assessing market viability and listening to neighborhood feedback. After gaining this insight, KTGY and Aragon Properties re-assessed and submitted the current design a dynamic mixed-use multifamily concept that will create housing, improve the pedestrian experience and designate retail opportunities at a landscaped public corner, serving as a cornerstone for this neighborhood.

A distinct design direction, both aesthetically and architecturally, weaves together the diverse goals and has maintained the intent and spirit of the building through its different iterations. The most immediately recognizable feature of the development is its driftwood appearance. The facade incorporates an extensive materials palette, including linear LED fixtures, perforated metal finish, concrete, stucco and fiber cement, showcasing different shades of white. This bold aesthetic not only unifies the structure but also strengthens its other objectives by capturing attention from pedestrians, the press and potential residents.





The long narrow site, on the side of a small hill, is served by two connected buildings. A density bonus allowed designers to bring the building to seven stories above grade, but the subtly stepped structures conscientiously preserve residential views from Everett Street. The car-dominated corner of Sunset and Everett has been improved by a landscaped pedestrian plaza set back from the street. Serving as a community hub and enhancing the ground floor retail experience, the plaza underlines the positive impact on the community. What was once an unappealing and traffic-heavy street corner is now a safer space for neighbors to gather, share a coffee, and engage in conversation.

Throughout its design evolution, the building now known as 1185 Sunset, has remained faithful to its original intent: revitalizing one of downtown Los Angeles’ last dormant properties, improving this stretch of Sunset Boulevard and creating visually striking luxury living that incorporates affordable units. This achievement was realized through the client’s commitment to excellent, forward-thinking design and the architectural team’s dedication to the underlying principles that breathe life into spaces, transforming people’s experiences.



Owner | Interiors: Aragon Properties Ltd.
Architect: KTGY
Landscape Architect: MJS Landscape Architecture
Entitlement Consultant: three6ixty
Photography: John Bare

Mixed Use

Services Provided

Density: 133 du/ac
Unit Plan Sizes: 530 – 1,279 sq. ft.
Number of Units: 327 du (41 Affordable)
Site Area: 2.46 ac
Number of Stories: 7
Retail: 9,462 sq. ft.
Parking: 263 spaces (0.8 sp/du)