Blackwood Groves is a new and unique mixed-use community located just south of Montana State University and downtown Bozeman, Montana. With a desire to create a community that sits distinctly apart from other new master-planned communities, Bridger Land Group partnered with KTGY to plan and design a mix of for-rent and for-sale housing that meets the diverse needs of Montanans. The master plan, created by others, established neighborhood groupings that fan out around the “village square” and decrease in density as they reach the edge. KTGY’s Community Planning and Urban Design studio was brought in to enhance the entitled master plan and create a community that sets itself apart from all others in Montana.



KTGY planners and architects brought forward their expertise to meld different product — something that Bridger Land Group was attracted to. Specifically, the team leveraged their innovative thinking around single-family for rent and for-sale housing. It isn’t just about the type of home but also how each lives and interacts with the others. This effort was a careful collaboration between the planning and architectural teams. With a focus on views, balancing public and private outdoor space, and tucking garages out-of-sight, KTGY created something genuinely inspiring. Currently, The Cottages are under construction, and The Porches and The Bungalows are in the construction document phase.



The Cottages are carefully nestled around shared open spaces, including parklets, greenbelts and paseos. These build-to-rent cottage courts create a cozy neighborhood feel, while floorplans and placements within each cluster provide private spaces for each home. Each cottage-style home includes at least one covered parking space, some attached, and some detached. Carriage units sit atop the detached garages as a way to maximize density and create an inspiring and welcoming street scene.

The floor plans for the Cottages push the living space to the front of the home to help promote social interaction and eyeson- the-street. This helps create an interactive community with vibrant streets, parks and social gathering spaces.

The Porches provide a larger home with inviting front porches that create an amazing interface with the broader community as well as more private open space creating the perfect blend of inviting and intimate gathering zones. The living space is pushed to the front of the home to help promote a welcoming interface with the porch and the front yard.






The Bungalows evoke a more suburban feel, with increased privacy and easier car access, yet remain connected to the community through direct access to multi-use trails and adjacency to open space.

What made this project successful was the partnership KTGY built with the client, Bridger Land Group. Furthermore, the client was just as dedicated as KTGY was to establishing a strong sense of place. The client’s goal was to create a fully connected, thoughtful and inviting community. Above all, Bridger Land Group’s attention to detail, excitement for creative design, and commitment to the resident experience was inspiring. From build-to-rent cottages to traditional front-loaded single-family homes, there is something for everyone. Even the landowner, who loves the community so much, is building his own home here. When we collaborate is when we create something truly inspiring.


Owner | Developer: Bridger Land Group
Architect | Site Planner: KTGY
Land Planner: Design Workshop
Village Square Design: Abramson Architects
Entitlements: Intrinsik | Design Workshop
Structural: Hicks Engineering
Landscape Architecture: Design.5

Build-to-Rent Cottages
Alley-Loaded Single-Family Detached
Conventional Single-Family Detached

Site Planning
Product Allocation

Density: 5.6 du/ac (average)
Unit Plan Sizes:
Cottages: 674 – 1,226 sq. ft.
Bungalows: 1,654 – 2,727 sq. ft.
Porches: 1,991 – 2,787 sq. ft.
Number of Homes: 670 du (total)
Site Area: 119 ac
Number of Stories: 1 & 2