In areas like the Silicon Valley in California and Cherry Creek in Denver, Colorado, where land for development is scarce and the housing stock is aging, many homebuyers are left with limited options – purchase an older home that has been thoroughly loved but near the end of its life and renovate it or demolish it entirely and build a custom home. Thomas
James Homes saw a need for a third option, one that allows buyers to purchase a brand-new home in the neighborhoods they love, close to great schools and their place of employment, without the stress and lengthy process often associated with a custom home build.

In 2019, Thomas James Homes approached KTGY to help execute its vision of making a positive difference and bringing new homes to these soughtafter neighborhoods. Purchasing infill lots provides Thomas James Homes and its partners an opportunity to enhance the community with new housing stock and create new ownership opportunities. KTGY was selected because of our knowledge of intricate zoning ordinances specific to each neighborhood, our design process, and the quality of contextual design. The process involves balancing the given zoning standards with good design and being a good neighbor. Since each lot is unique, each home is as well.

Being mindful of existing adjacencies and the current aesthetics of the block, the team begins the design process by immersing themselves in the details of the neighborhood. The designers also consider feedback provided by the neighbors, with discussion most often centered around architectural style and materials, massingvolume, privacy and landscape. KTGY’s
architects and designers then create a home that respects and honors the context.

In some cities, there is an opportunity to build a duplex or a single-family home plus an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on a lot that previously held a single residence. This increases the housing stock and, in turn, provides additional opportunities for ownership in these desirable locations. Many times, these buyers may have been priced out of the neighborhood.

From building materials to the installation of solar and all-electric designs, each new house is far more energy efficient than its predecessor. By shifting the energy consumption of the home to cleaner sources, there are benefits to the homeowner and the overall community.






Beyond and sustainability, building new homes and increasing the housing stock provides an opportunity to bring new and growing families into these beautiful, established neighborhoods. This re-invigorates everything from the pedestrian ways, now filled with children riding bikes and families walking their dogs, to the local schools.

Throughout this process, the architects, designers and developer are asking, “Are we being inspirational, respectful and creating a positive addition to the neighborhood?” The goal is that each home built is not just beautiful but also brings something special to the neighborhood, creating a community that is more sustainable, more livable and more full of life.



Builder: Thomas James Homes
Architect: KTGY
Photographer: Frank Paul Perez
Photographer: KTGY
Photographer: Tour Space

Single-Family Infill