Photographer: Nathan Kirkman


Our vision for Yours Truly DC was to design an inviting, unexpected environment for locals and visitors to gather. The resulting space — a “communal living room” first and a hotel second — celebrates and engages with the neighborhood’s rich, local bohemian counter-culture history and welcomes the community into a whimsical environment that allows experiences to begin. Public spaces were designed with bespoke amenities and unwavering hospitality with a unique series of lifestyle programming in mind. Open space encourages a myriad of gatherings and activities, from working to enjoying an impromptu jam session to enjoying cocktails with friends. Chef-driven food options and an in-house record store with a rotating cast of local DJs round out the programming offerings. Boasting eclectic discoveries for curious minds, luxurious respite for those in search of retreat, and serendipitous happenings that nurture conversation and community, this hotel offers an adventure in design and comfort for all who wander.