Mission Lofts Becomes 200,000th NGBS Certified Home

VCA Green

December 27, 2019

VCA Green recently made green building history by certifying the 200,000th NGBS (National Green Building Standard) home: the Mission Lofts Apartments in Riverside County, CA. This project was a concerted effort between the developer (REALM Real Estate), architect (KTGY Architecture), and many more designers and installers. Mission Lofts earned Silver status in 2019 by providing much needed sustainable workforce housing in Riverside and greatly enhancing the redeveloping community it serves.

NGBS is a nationally recognized green building rating system administered by Home Innovation Labs, and its tiered rating system allows projects to earn points for various durability and green building features. VCA Green’s role as the NGBS Green Verifier certified the building as an example of how to reach above and beyond national standards in sustainability. Some notable achievements for this building include:

  • Reduced site water consumption by approximately 25% compared to the national average
  • Well-sealed ducts and apartment units to provide for higher levels of comfort and energy efficiency
  • 82% of construction waste diversion from landfills
  • A walkable location in close proximity to parks as well as light rail and bus lines for reduced carbon emissions via increased foot traffic

VCA Green is proud to have contributed towards this accomplishment. Projects such as Mission Lofts set a higher standard for developers across the United States as technology evolves and global investments become more commonplace. If your multifamily project is seeking an NGBS certification or equivalent, contact Moe Fakih below for more information on how to reach these goals.