Mod Hall – KTGY Unveils Modular Concept to Address High Demand for Student Housing

Student Housing Business

October 9, 2018

Irvine, Calif. — KTGY has unveiled Mod Hall, a new modular concept featuring suite-style units, living-learning environments, activity and study spaces, digital mail rooms and social hallways to address high demand for student housing.

The Mod Hall design concept features two modules which combine to form the kitchen, dining and living area for two units, as well as the corridor running between them. Modules with a variety of bedroom and bathroom configurations are attached on either side to achieve the desired unit mix and bed count. For additional building design flexibility, one or two modules are inserted as social or educational common space.

“Modular construction has the potential to make these relatively repetitive developments even more efficient and cost-effective while meeting the tight deadlines we always face while working on student housing,” says David Senden, principal with KTGY . “KTGY R+D Studio has unveiled the ‘Mod Hall’ concept, which provides modular student housing. By constructing unit modules off-site while simultaneously completing the on-site construction, the modular student housing process can save time and money, helping universities to serve their growing student populations.”