Nick Lehnert – The Best Ideas I’m Seeing in Consumer-Driven Design


June 24, 2015

This expert panel will take you on an exciting, fast-paced photo montage of fresh, new housing design trends, products and merchandising that are injecting new vitality into the market—and, more importantly, igniting homebuyers’ desire. These innovative designs and unique products respond to the latest buyer preferences from coast to coast. Learn what makes these designs noteworthy and how they connect with buyer wants and needs—as well as create a new level of lifestyle. The presentation also includes 15 Universal Buyer Preference Truths not to be missed. This is not your normal “local” review.

Nick Lehnert, Executive Director, KTGY
Randall Lewis, Executive Vice President, Lewis Group of Companies
John Bare, Owner, John Bare Photography
Amy Albert, Editor in Chief,
Professional Builder