Philip Otto – Future Proofing the Destination


February 8, 2023

2:00 PM ET


In a time of seemingly constant change, how can we as design professionals plan for the future effectively? Future Proofing is an approach that flows through every aspect of the project to organize all elements of the experience will a focus on human connection.

We will start a conversation around the advantages of investing less in fixed assets, instead putting the emphasis on programmable space that can host a range of uses from workplace to retail, edutainment to events, and gatherings of all types with equal ease.

In this discussion we will explore ways to listen, and learn from trends and culture, with an eye toward adaptability for everything from master plan to retail footprints, from touchpoints to memorable moments.

We will consider new ways to problem solve the creation of noteworthy destinations that connect emotionally with the community we want to engage. Hosted by the Retail and Entertainment Knowledge Community (REKC).

Learning objectives

  • Recognize how cultural shifts in how we live, work, and play affect the design community
  • Discover how to foster a sense of community by creating destinations
  • Identify simple and effective ways to implement memorable touchpoints
  • Apply the principles of future proofing to upcoming projects