Residences at Garden Avenue – $65M Student Housing Complex Under Construction Near UO


April 9, 2014

EUGENE, Ore. – Crews have been working since last December to make a new housing development at Franklin Boulevard come alive.

“They tore that all down and they started over with a brand new slate,” said construction manager Clark Schaefer.

The 400,000 square foot development just down the street from the University of Oregon will offer 700 bedrooms in about 200 units, with student residents in mind.

“It’s five stories,” Schaefer said, “and it goes down to three stories so everyone can get a view of the river.”

The finished complex will have a pool, restaurant and a parking garage.

“American Campus Communities came in, they did a lot of research, tried to find a good price point for all the apartments,” Schaefer said.

By September 2015, the $65 million project will be ready for residents.

“I’ve been in Eugene all my life, and I have actually not seen student housing to this level yet,” Schaefer said.

Schaefer said he’s happy to provide something that he thinks is much needed in the area.

How much more student-oriented housing is a growing topic of debate.

“I see a cap possibly coming someday as far as student housing goes,” said Bob Wentz, structural mechanic with the City of Eugene. “There seems to be a lot of student housing going in, so as long as there’s a need for it, i think it’s great for the city and great for the students.”