Tricia Esser – Cage-Free Talent: How to make your Company a destination for Multiple Generations

2016 PCBC

June 23, 2016

Thursday, June 23rd
11:00 AM-12:00 PM

Cage-Free Talent: How to Make Your Company a Destination for Multiple Generations

An active home building economy means an increased need for high-quality team members. As successful firms evolve, how can they staff for optimal results? How has a robust post-recession economy created challenges for employers looking to attract and retain top talent? How are businesses adapting to the needs of the creative workforce? What are the ways that the Millennial (and now the new Gen Z) workforce is influencing workplace culture?

In a lively session, with presenters not always advocating the same approach (!), industry leaders will share perspectives gained from this and previous business cycles. They’ll examine the current climate for finding, hiring and meshing the multiple generations in the workplace—from recent graduates to seasoned veterans. Looking at what motivates these groups to accept offers, and then to stay and thrive as productive contributors, the panel will share their professional experiences with illustrative examples of culture programs, office environments and employee retention programs.

Topics covered will include: career path, quality of work, the impact of company culture, work/life balance, successful on-boarding, staff training, professional development, creating a collaborative work environment, the state of the glass ceiling, the creative workforce, and the newest ideas in recruitment and retention.

Tricia Esser, CEO, KTGY Architecture + Planning
Joan Marcus-Colvin, Chief Marketing Officer, The New Home Company
Teri Slavik-Tsuyuki, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Newland Real Estate Group