In recent decades, there has been a rise in multigenerational living, a trend that has been attributed to economic circumstances, lifestyle transitions for young adults and retirees, and increasing cultural diversity in the United States. According to the Pew Research Center, a record 20 percent of Americans now live in a multigenerational home. Adding “In-Law Suites” to traditional single-family homes and townhomes is a popular way in which developers have begun to address the needs of multigenerational and multicultural households. However, this demographic simply does not have sufficient housing options to serve their complex household compositions.

Ensemble’s floor plan variety and flexibility, versatile outdoor features, and blend of private and shared spaces create a neighborhood of enhanced multigenerational living options. Floor plans can be mixed and matched to suit various household compositions and needs. Likewise, yard and patio features facilitate a range of groups and activities through unique program elements. This composition of private plans and shared spaces aims to reach a broad generational and cultural demographic and to enrich the design of multigenerational households and neighborhoods.

Creating a Multigenerational Community Through Design