Large, regularly-shaped sites are often hard to come by in the most desirable residential markets around the country. Sites available for residential development are frequently small with awkward shapes and inconvenient easements. The Puzzle-30 concept takes a new approach to standard townhome design. This concept proposes an interlocking townhome configuration aimed at meeting the needs of future homeowners while also considering the goals of developers and cities. It maintains a 3-story maximum for sensitivity to neighboring developments. To appeal to homebuyers, each unit provides two or three bedrooms and interior access to private garages.

The Puzzle-30 concept plan combines five units, stacked together to create a compact townhome footprint. Reaching up to 30 du/ac, this building type provides a residential option for small sites with four 2-story units and one upper level flat per 5-plex module. Two ground floor units have direct access to private garages, while three upper units share a common stair, connecting their entries to private garages.

Typical 5-Plex Module

  • Five units fit together to create a 5-plex building module
  • The module contains one single car garage per unit
  • Unit floor plans have two or three bedrooms
  • Units range in size from 1,224 to 1,435 square feet

Typical 10-Plex Building

  • [2] Five-unit modules mirror to create a 10-plex building [Footprint: 110’ x 55’]
  • Optional extended garage meets accessibility requirements [Footprint: 117’ x 55’]